A group of Muslim volunteers have banded together on Christmas day to feed Bristol’s homeless.

The action group, called Muslims for Bristol, cooked hot meals and distributed them around various points of the city.

Some 100 boxes of hot food were handed out to charities around St Paul’s.

Last week, it was revealed about 100 people in Bristol were sleeping rough, while 200 families are classed as homeless or put up in temporary accommodation this Christmas.

The problem has grown exponentially in Bristol and major cities over the last year. The number of homeless people have tripled from last year, despite the country coming out of the recession.

One of the organisers of the campaign, Mohammed El Sharif, said: “In our faith charity is a crucial part of our daily lives and is one of those things that transcends faith or background etc and it is our duty to help anyone in society regardless of their background.

“We aim to share celebration of such a social occasion those of our fellow citizens who may not be in a position to celebrate.”

Abdul Malik, chairman of the Bristol St Mark’s Road Mosque, was also working with the group.

He said: “Unfortunately because of terrorism and negative things about Muslims in the media, a lot of people think all Muslims are bad.

“But we want to show and shout about the fact that Islam is about caring for others and sharing with others and reaching out to the poor in society as well.

“The problem in Bristol is getting worse, and I think everyone should reach out a helping hand.”

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