Bristol volunteers’ efforts go a long way in “the jungle”

Volunteers were overwhelmed with the efforts of a group of Bristol people who brought aid for refugees living in squalid conditions in France today.


Members of the Easton Jamia Mosque in St Mark’s Road, Easton, went to “the jungle” in Calais after raising over £4,570 in just two days.


The group used the cash to buy 75 tents, over 100 sleeping bags, 250 kg of food and 47 stoves and gas canisters.


Chairman of the Easton Jamia Mosque, Abdul Malik, 42, Farooq Siddique, 46, Sarwar Hussain, 40, Shazia Malik, 35, Manzoor Hussain, 49 and Ashraf Attari, 58, Abbid Hussain, 32, Dilbarah Wadud, 29, left Easton this morning at 6.30am.


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